When I came to Dr. Lobur, I was a complete mess. It was a struggle to get through each day. I remember during the first appointment with Dr. Lobur that I almost passed out, I was just so tired and in so much pain. I was dealing with migraines, constant horrible stomach aches, Fibromyalgia, and various other problems that had persisted and gotten worse over the past 15 years. Even though my case was anything but straight forward, Dr. Lobur was able to help me by treating me as a whole, instead of prescribing medicine that dealt with the individual symptoms. His prescription of lifestyle changes and short-term use of supplements addressed the root cause of the issues. I rarely get migraines anymore, my stomach aches have completely resolved, I haven’t had a Fibromyalgia flare in over a year, I have the energy to get through the day and can be spontaneous now. Ultimately, Dr. Lobur gave a quality of life I had not had since I was 10 years old or anticipated ever having again.
— Lisa
I began seeing Dr. Lobur when I was looking for a Functional Medicine physician in the Pittsburgh area. I had already visited several conventional doctors and they couldn’t find a reason for my issues. Dr. Lobur was able to get to the root of the problem and help me greatly improve my health.
— Jill U.
I have been to many doctors for many years. Not one compares to Dr. Lobur. He is brilliant, compassionate, and knows about how to get to the root of a health problem. He truly does listen to your concerns, orders all the right tests, and puts the pieces of the puzzle together to find an answer. I highly recommend!
— Lynn B.
When I came to you with my daughter 3 months ago, my hope was to uncover why her asthma had continued to worsen. You did that and much more than I ever expected. Sophia had suffered from asthma for many years and instead of outgrowing it like many 11 years old do, her flare ups worsened and she missed several days of school. In addition, several other things were happening with Sophia, like, headaches, stomach aches , fatigue, and ultimately depression. We were not in a good place.

What a difference 3 months can make. Honestly, I have never seen my daughter smile, laugh and socialize like she has been recently. It’s so apparent that other children are noticing and commenting. Sophia is a happy child! It brings me tears of joy. When you changed her diet, I was skeptical and unsure she’d adhere to it for long, I was wrong. She understands the consequences of not eating the right foods and she wants to continue to feel good. To support Sophia, we made these dietary changes as a family and part of our everyday life.

Dr. Lobur, the fact that you not only uncovered things within Sophia that could be exacerbating her asthma, but also environmental factors, is unbelievable. You have done more for us in 3 months than anyone in the past 8 years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You truly have changed our lives.
— Colleen C.
As a sufferer of an autoimmune condition, I felt that conventional medicine had been leaving me hanging and that I could be doing more to get myself in a healthier state. My wife introduced me to Dr. Lobur and he made me believe that I could do more through diet and supplementation to get myself where I wanted to be. 18 months later I am happy to report that his guidance has done more for me than I even thought was possible.
— Michael P.
I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the pleasure of my visit. Not only is your office warm and welcoming, but the time that you spent with me was both informational and comforting. As a healthcare provider, I can only hope that I have been able to provide this to the patients for whom I have cared.
— Diane O.
I was diagnosed with severe Ulcerative Colitis almost 2 years ago. I was in such bad shape that I was unable to work full time. I would spend much of my day on the couch. This was very hard on my family. I was searching for answers everywhere. My experience with the standard course of treatment was not good. I was hoping to get better with any natural approach I could find. I was trying everything I could. Nothing I was trying seemed to help me. I knew I needed some more guidance.

I was really trying to find a Functional Medicine doctor that could help me find the root cause of my issue. I am so happy I found Dr. Lobur’s practice nearby. Through complete diagnostic testing he was able to zero in on many of the issues I was experiencing and prescribe a complete protocol for me including diet, supplements and even medications (because of the severity of my condition.) His staff was great to work with as well.

Over the course of several months I was able to gain my life back. My energy levels increased. I was able to function much more normally. He was also able to recommend a great GI doctor, with whom we continue to work in tandem. My family and I are so grateful for the care I received through Dr. Lobur. I look forward to continuing on this journey with him.
— David E.
Dr. Lobur has helped me in many ways. Through various testing from his office, he found that I had a camplyobactor infection, SIBO, and a poor thyroid function. He put me on a GI regimen, which conquered my infections and is helping me regular my thyroid. We are also working on lowering my mercury toxicity. Dr. Lobur always takes time to answer all of my questions. I have also had phone consults with him which have helped tremendously. He is very caring, understanding, and knowledgeable. He has prescribed various vitamins and thyroid supplements to help with my body chemistry. I feel very fortunate to have found him.
— Debbie B.
I travel an hour and twenty minutes to see Dr. Lobur. I am going through the worst health crisis of my life and have been treated by many doctors at various hospitals. I have more confidence in Dr. Lobur than any of the others. When you go to his office they take you in at the time of your appointment. During your appointment you see the doctor, not a PA. Dr Lobur spends the entire appointment with you and is very thorough. I would definitely recommend Dr. Lobur.
— Mike C.
I began working with Dr. Lobur in January after i had been experiencing various health issues and had learned that a Functional MD could assist me more with getting to the root of my health issues. Dr. Lobur thoroughly evaluated my health through bloodwork and specific tests. He transitioned me from thyroid medicine that i had been on since i was 15 onto thyroid medicine that more thoroughly treated my thyroid symptoms. This change immediately boosted my energy and sense of well-being! I began feeling better immediately and the transition was smooth, with no complications. I have since lost 17.7 lbs between the changes in my thyroid meds and working with a nutrition coach. Dr. Lobur has been able to identify the underlying root causes of my health issues and has been working with me to promote healing in my body through supplements. Dr. Lobur has consistently taken the time each step of the way to explain the test results and his recommendations to promote health and healing in my body. I would highly recommend him as a Functional Medical Doctor!
— Mary H.
I started seeing Dr. Lobur several years ago when I was seeking out a Functional Medicine Doctor. I was so impressed at the first meeting. It took 90 minutes and we talked for the entire time about preventive medicine and Dr. Lobur really got to know me. Dr. Lobur really listens to what you are saying and searches for the underlying cause vs. treating symptoms. Since then we have worked together to identify what supplements I have needed to maintain my health. He also has helped me with nutrition to help with overall fitness and wellness. We are currently working together to solve a chronic issue which, looking back, I have had off and on for eight years and have never had an answer for. I feel like Dr. Lobur and I are partners in my health!!!
— Kelle C.
I’ve seen quite a few doctors over the past 10 years to try to figure out what was causing a face rash and very low energy. From conventional physicians, dermatologists, a naturopath, a Chinese medical doctor and an endocrinologist — none offered any diagnosis that made sense, and none of the proposed treatments made a difference. Dr. Lobur was the first physician that was able to properly diagnose my issue and now we are working on various treatment options. He is very knowledgeable, caring and supportive. In addition, the office staff are very responsive with calls and emails. I’m grateful to have found Squirrel Hill Family Wellness Center and Dr. Lobur and truly feel like a partner with him on this healing journey.
— Sharon S.
As an engineer, the idea of functional medicine immediately appealed to me as soon as I learned about it on YouTube from folks like Dr. Mark Hyman. I searched the Institute of Functional Medicine (ifm.org) for a local practitioner and found Dr. Lobur. I did my intake with Dr. Lobur in June 2015. I complained of Low Energy, elevated blood lipids and PSA, Adrenal Fatigue and Poor Memory. Dr Lobur did a series of tests, most notably the male hormone 24 hour urine sample. Dr Lobur prescribed a series of supplements which resulted in significant improvements in my complaints. Now at my 3 year mark, I believe it is time to check my markers again and see what Dr. Lobur has to recommend to maintain my health. I take no prescription medications at the age of 67 and I plan to keep it that way with Dr. Lobur’s help.
— Greg S.
I have been seeing Dr. Lobur at the SHFWC for about 1 1/2 years. I came to him shortly after completing cancer treatment which left me cancer-free but not feeling well at all. I took responsibility for investigating and addressing my many symptoms as best I could and sought help from several medical specialists. But I received little help or encouragement and felt discouraged and overwhelmed. During my research I began to learn about functional medicine and the idea of finding and treating the root causes of illness. Eventually I found my way to Dr. Lobur. His help has made a huge difference for me. His knowledge, direction and compassion have helped set me on a clearer path to healing. I do not feel as alone or overwhelmed as I continue to work toward being as healthy as I can.
— Tamara W.
When I decided to begin working with Dr. Lobur, I was interested in working with someone who had a functional medicine perspective as well as someone who would respect my opinions and decisions about my body. I like a two-way, open communication with a doctor and have found that with Dr. Lobur. He is very comprehensive and thorough in his assessment and recommendations were clear. I appreciated his open line of communication and feedback when questions arose during implementation of a treatment protocol. I have seen progress with my particular health situation, and we are continuing to peel back the layers of my chronic issues and address them. The office staff is knowledgeable, supportive, efficient and enjoyable to work with.
— Judie M.
I wanted to say thank you for your care. I have been sick since 2009 and have been off and on medical treatments thru out the years, never ever getting much better but just hanging on to life. I have been referred to several physicians who don’t look at the whole picture and just want to keep treating symptoms and tossing more drugs at me which cause even more side effects. You are the only doctor that has looked at my whole body chemistry and systems and care to find the root causes of my symptoms. I’m thankful to have you as my doctor and I have a much better quality of life then before because you keep up in the medical literature and are willing to think outside the box. I don’t know what I would do without you.
— Paula N.
I came to Dr. Lobur when I was looking for a Functional Medicine doctor to address a GI issue I was having. One of the best things about worknig with Dr. Lobur is the time he spends listening to you and taking your concerns seriously. After an endoscopy and colonoscopy, several other doctors dismissed my GI issues as being nothing wrong, except maybe “IBS”. Dr. Lobur took a very thorough background and recommended several tests. They revealed that I had a GI infection (SIBO) and my pancreatic function was compromised. With his help, and the addition of supplements and herbal microbicides, we were able to resolve this condition.

I feel he truly does care about the patient. One time he was unable to reach me to cancel an office appointment, and he met me even though he had a family crisis at home. I would recommend him for anyone trying to improve a complex health issue.
— Cynthia S.