"Getting the Soil Right"

Without the proper balance of underlying supportive factors that are essential to our essence, we will not be able to flourish as human beings. Often times an unseen erosion takes place in our lives that moves us further and further away from the delicate balance we need to maintain a high level of health. In order to heal, we need to actively cultivate wellness by reshaping our individual environments in a way that is conducive for us to thrive. We thus need to nourish our underlying physiologic roots of health to achieve our optimal state of wellness. Here are the main areas we will focus in on in our time together:

Diet: Food forms the foundation from which our entire state of health is built upon. We will work with each patient to outline a specific diet plan that is uniquely suited to meet each individual’s health needs, based upon specific symptoms and (when needed) advanced functional medicine based testing, including comprehensive stool, nutrient and food sensitivity panels.

Sleep: Garnering enough sleep is immensely important for our bodies to thrive and not getting enough can result in numerous physiologic imbalances especially in regards to hormonal, immune, cognitive and mitochondrial deficits. Sleep deficits arise from a combination of lifestyle and physiologic missteps, and we will work together to improve these imbalances from a variety of individualized areas of focus.

Movement: Our bodies are designed to move, so achieving the proper level of physical activity to meet our physiologic needs is essential. Too little and somewhat surprisingly too much exercise can greatly impact our well-being, so we will provide specific guidance on an optimal regimen to follow.

Stress: There is perhaps no greater detrimental contributor to health than that of stress. Stress comes in numerous forms, from personal relationships and traumatic life experiences, to environmental/microbial toxins and societal pressures. Stress permeates all aspects of our inner biochemistry and physiology, and thus potentiates all forms of chronic disease. We will work together to identify and course-correct stress through a variety of avenues to help foster vital healing from within.

Microbiome: In actuality, we are much more microbial than human with only 2% of our total body genome being human DNA! The other 98% of us is microbial and often times there is an imbalance of the ‘bad’ bugs that underlie numerous chronic health concerns. We will dive deep into this highly emergent area of medicine throughout our sessions.