Our mission at Squirrel Hill Family Wellness Center is to help reverse and prevent complex chronic medical problems at the root cause level. Disease takes root when there is an imbalance in the physiologic, genetic, lifestyle, social and environmental factors that form the foundation of each and every one of us. By digging deeper and tending to the roots of illness through functional medicine, we heal “upstream” beyond the standard medical paradigm of treating symptoms and managing disease. We actively partner with our patients to cultivate a comprehensive wellness plan, with the goal of uprooting disease and harvesting lifelong vitality.

As a board-certified internist and Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) certified practitioner, Dr. Lobur provides expertise from both of these healing disciplines to help guide his patients upwards from the depths of complicated medical issues to the pinnacle of towering health. Through the use of personalized diet plans, targeted supplement support, lifestyle guidance, holistic healing therapies and cutting edge medical diagnostic tests, Dr. Lobur and his team will work very closely alongside you to help achieve your ultimate health goals.